The Hamsters were at Vibrant Goa 2019

Vibrant Goa 2019, the Global Expo and Summit, was all the buzz this past weekend and the Fat Hamsters were certainly stirring up some of it! 
One of the most-awaited events in the business world, this global summit was the ideal occasion for Goa-based businesses to showcase their innovative best to the locals, as well as to national and international delegates on a mission to connect with original business minds. 

For us Hamsters, this was our moment to highlight the range of work we do at its creative best-  right from 2D animated promo videos and 3D advertising product showcasing, to Stop-motion & Clay-mation series and our even bolder creative ventures into Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) experience curation. 

It goes without saying that participating in the Vibrant Goa 2019 was a business-networking golden opportunity where we got to connect not only with other players from related and complementary fields but also with potential partners, as well as with Goan students in search of creative career paths. 

The global business summit was also a platform that allowed us to get the wide scope of our work out there, especially the lesser-known and relatively new tech areas of VR & AR, which are not just (as popular notions would have it) ‘gaming’ but, in fact, extremely powerful tools businesses can harness to radically impact customer experience. 

Whether it’s like British Airways using VR to help passengers overcome their fear of flight, like Mercedes-Benz who launched its 3D AR app giving customers the possibility of configuring their own cars, or Mixed Reality tools transforming the medical world… With AR & VR, the possibilities are endless, especially for niche companies looking to tap into its potential.

For us at Fat Hamster, there is nothing that drives us more than delivering unique and creative solutions to companies on the lookout for them. And Vibrant Goa has left us looking forward to new partners and collaborations in this regard.

So if you didn’t get a chance to meet us at the summit but would love to know more about all the fat possibilities we can bring to the table, get in touch with us.