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Fat Hamster Studio is an animation powerhouse with a global presence. Our team of designers work with multiple mediums from illustration to augmented reality, to deliver various forms of animation and creative content. Let us make your vision, reality.

What We Do
Fat Hamster Studio

Innovation through animation

Animation is not just the cartoons you watched when you were 5 (though we still do). At Fat Hamster Studios, we take animation to the next level by creating immersive experiences through cutting edge technology. Because you need to know where you’re coming from to know where you’re going, we merge the foundations of animation such as isometric, 2D, 3D, and stop motion, with future-forward trends such as augmented and virtual reality, to put you in the midst of the action and blow your mind!

We Make it Happen

Fat Hamster Studio


We take complete ownership of our clients’ needs from the very beginning through in-depth research and exploration.

Fat Hamster Studio


From seemingly complex to minimally aesthetic, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke solution every time.

Fat Hamster Studio


Using the latest in animation technology, we put creativity to the test in order to create truly immersive and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Fat Hamster Studio


We are constantly pushing the envelope, choosing an approach to work that is dedicated and unrelenting.

Industries We've Worked With

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Let’s make it happen

If you have an idea for an ad, product demo, TV or web series, or you just want to hang out with us, eat pizza and watch some anime, then drop us a line. Our offshore offices are based in Goa, India, but we deliver anywhere in the world.

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