Grab a seat, its storytime!

Since our inception, Fat Hamster has strived to deliver unique and creative solutions with no compromise to quality or execution.

Our working knowledge of multiple mediums puts your story at the forefront and focuses on output. Leaving the nitty gritty of platform constraints aside, the only question you need to ask yourself is: How crazy good does this look!?

We are a full service studio, accomplished in handling 2D as well as 3D Animation Production Services, with the ability to get your project from script all the way to screen.

Apart from bringing our own unique zest of influence into any project, we are also amicable and tireless partners, working with numerous studios across the globe in co-productions and departmental aid.

We have constantly produced high quality work with our evolving and robust pipeline; creating, managing, handling and reviewing numerous projects, keeping it simple.

So whether you want to partner up on an IP, utilize our full service production to get your series done, or simply seek departmental aid on an existing requirement, we got your back!


From Traditional to Computer-aided 2D animation, short films to a season long TV series; we love to put your work in its most eclectic form.


The big daddy of all dimensions! Be it hyper-realistic – feature film level quality or the most abstract and unimaginable worlds never seen!

Explainer Videos/Motion Graphics

We love creative problem solving, and putting all that confusing or overwhelming data into bite size visual treats for everyone!


Ever wonder what your world looks like via the Hamster POV? Well, now you can and do way more!