2D Animation

2D animation is probably one of the most common techniques out there. Animating in 2 dimensions means we work on 'flat' shapes, which is what you see in most cartoons and older video games (remember Super Mario Brothers?). By operating in these two dimensions we can focus the viewer's attention on the meaning and the storyline, instead of having them look at everything all together.

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Steps in the Animation Process

Conceptualization and Scripting

In our initial meeting, we understand the client requirement and work out the big picture. This concept determines character sketching, sequencing, and scripting outcomes.


Keeping the concept in mind, we start developing a storyboard. This creates a clear picture of the storyline, character design, and overall production layout.


During this phase, we introduce pre-planned visual elements that are later used in the animation outcome while maintaining compatibility with the story.

Clean-up and Coloring

We do the final drawings to produce a finished product (film, episode, etc). Once the clean-up process is done, we add colour to the animation.

Content and Keyframes

The next step is to develop keyframes to determine the timing of movements while developing the character skeletons used to animate and modify specific parts in the characters.

Compositing, editing, and the final product

Finally, our animators compose different scenes as per the storyline and begin. We insert voiceovers, sound effects, and music, and then render the end result.